The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Neon Sign

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Neon Sign

Purchasing a Custom Neon light sign can be simple and seamless from start to finish when you choose the right company.

There are lots of neon sign sellers out there but when it comes to creating a custom neon sign, you want to make sure that the Artisans behind the scenes actually get you and your ideas, and are able to bring them to life for you.
From start to finish creating your custom neon sign should be fun and simple. 
First I recommend you collect together some images of designs you like or your logo wording or any particular fonts you like.
Then get an idea of the approximate size you would like the sign by accessing the area its going to be placed, and measuring the space you would desire the sign to be.

"From start to finish creating your custom neon sign should be fun and simple"

The best bit left to do is choose the colours that you would like
After you have done this get in touch with the Neon sign company and click on quote for logo  etc as there is usually a form where you can input most of the information I recommended above.
Once you have sent this over ideally someone from the design team of the company will get back to you within 24hours with some draft mock ups of your ideas for you to proof tweak and confirm.
Once you have signed off the design your design will be brought to life and sent to you within your chosen delivery period usually between 7 and 15 days

"If you have some words you would like creating such as a quote then using a custom sign building tool is a good option"

Or if you would like ideas for Wedding Birthdays Gaming Rooms Home Décor or Just for Fun etc then there are plenty of pre-designed signs to choose from  where you usually have the option to choose the size and colours saving you lots of time.
There are a few other things to think about when choosing to get a custom neon sign

The Board style! what does this mean?

The board is what your neon sign is created onto, and this is quite an important part of the design process and will make a difference depending on the use of your sign.
There are 4 styles to choose from:
Cut to Letter: As it's described just a preference
Cut to Shape: As described this is the default board used for most
Cut To Board: As described just a preference
Hollow out style: This is ideal if you want to mount onto a special background and do not want anything in the way

The hanging options! What does this mean?

The Hanging options are basically how you want to hang your sign so if you are likely to be moving your sign around to different locations then the wire hanging option is the best one, but if you are keeping your sign in one place then the wall mounts will be your best option to keep it secure. Some companies will add both options in for you FREE of charge.

RGB Colour Changing! What does this mean? 

 Normal wireless remote for set colours or RGB Colour changing wireless remote?
 RGB is the colour changing option and it means that your sign can basically transition through all the colours and then you can just change to the colour you require at will, this option comes with an RGB wireless remote and some companies do this option FREE of charge but most charge £15+.
If a set colour is chosen for your neon sign the normal wireless remote will be included. 
 A few other things to add are that most quality neon light will have 2m of clear wire and then an extra 2.5 meters of AC adapter so there is plenty of give no matter where you want your sign located, you wont need to worry about reaching the power point.
And one last bit before you start creating your own custom neon you can choose the plug to match your country of origin.
I hope this information was helpful and that its cleared up a few things and shed some light on how to create you own custom neon
If you have any questions contact us.

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